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myTabs - An Expense Sharing Tool

MyTabs is a free, secure and open online mobile application used for sharing expenses among a group of people. This application can be used in any scenario where expenses need to be shared for a particular activity. Several examples of such activities are

  • A group of friends making a trip somewhere can record all the shared expenses in the application.
  • A group of students sharing an apartment can record shared expenses in the application
  • A group of people planning an event can record shared expenses in the application

At the end of the activity, the application will calculate the amount owed by each person in the group.

Launch MyTabs

This mobile application can be used for iPhone or Android phones. In order to access the application, click on the launch button above. A temporary user/password (guest/guest) has been created for you to log into the application and use it. You can also register and use the system.